Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Eltzholtz Family Magazine

"The Eltzholtz Family in America and Denmark" is a 76 page magazine format story about the family documented since our first known ancestor arrived in Copenhagen, Denmark from the Pomern region of Germany. The magazine features 12 genealogical charts that document the relationship of nearly 440 descendants of Johann Peter Eltzholtz. Every person named Eltzholtz in the United States and Denmark is related to Johann Peter (1726) Eltzholtz by either a direct line or marriage.
First published and distributed in February, 2007 the magazine has been revised 3 times with added pictures and facts. The fourth printing has been made necessary by family members ordering the magazine to send as Christmas gifts. The magazine cost is $19.00 from the printer including postage. During October, 2007 the printer has agreed to make a set including the Eltzholtz Magazine and 2 additional 16 page publications regarding Ditlev Eltzholtz for a total of $25.00 per set, a savings of $4.00 if ordered alone.
I will need quantity ordered and checks and addresses by October 26, 2007. The revised material and newly added photos will go to the printer by October 29, 2007. The printer will deliver finished magazines to me around November 15, 2007. I'll mail to whatever addresses you supply me, however, I'm not able to gift wrap the order. If you need to talk additional details call me at (816)525-1319 or e-mail at www.dollarbill@kc.rr.com .

16 page magazine format autobiography written by Ditlev Christian Ernst Eltzholtz that traces his life from a gardener at Glorup Castle in Funen, Denmark, through his military service to the King, as the Head Gardener at Glorup Castle while raising his family, to buying land and starting a very successful seed business in Ringe, Funen, Denmark. The regular cost for this publication from the printer is $5.00. During October, 2007 it can be ordered to be shipped as a set along with The Eltzholtz Family Magazine and a publication about a trip Ditlev made to the USA in 1905.

16 page magazine format account of a trip made by Ditlev Christian Ernst Eltzholtz to visit his two sons, Harald and Carl Frederik Albert in the United States of America. It is in diary format and moves fairly quickly. The regular cost for this publication from the printer is $5.00. During October, 2007 it can be ordered shipped as a set that includes The Eltzholtz Family Magazine and the story of Ditlev's life.

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