Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Karen and William Coulter family

William Cameron and Karen Marie (Pepper) Coulter

(front) Tyler Kelley and Jaymie Kelley (back) Mike Kelley and Cindy Kelley

(l to r) Robin, Craig, Collin and Ashley Coulter.

(front row) Tim Snowbarger, Karen and Bill Coulter and Gage Snowbarger. (back row) Lisa Snowbarger, Kenzie Snowbarger and Cooper Snowbarger.

Edith Eltzholtz Wagnitz at 90th birthday

Edith Eltzholtz Wagnitz and Robert Wagnitz with - (front row) Kenzie Snowbarger and Tyler Kelley, (second row) Collin Coulter, Cooper Snowbarger, Gage Snowbarger, Jaymie Kelley
and (back row) Ashley Coulter

Edith Eltzholtz and Bob Wagnitz (foreground) with the family of Karen and William Coulter

with only Mike Kelley and Tim Snowbarger not present.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Alfred Foster Smith Family

Alfred Foster and Ruth Eltzholtz Smith with their children
Richard Foster Eltzholtz, Stephen Bruce, Merry Edith and Carol Anne
(Photo circa: 1943 - 1944)
Richard Foster Eltzholtz Smith (02/07/1934) and Carol Anne Smith Kenyon (01/14/1935)
(Photo circa: 1943 - 1944)

Stephen Bruce Smith (02/22/1940) and Merry Edith Smith Horn (12/12/1937)
(Photo circa: 1943 - 1944)
Stephen Bruce Smith, Merry Edith Smith Horn, Richard Foster Eltzholtz Smith,
and Carol Anne Smith Kenyon.
(Photo circa: November, 2005)

Sunday, September 9, 2007

John Wesley and Mary Edith Fowler Eltzholtz family photographs

James Everett and Edith Eltzholtz Pepper (1936)
(Photo compliments of Karen Marie (Pepper) Coulter
Page 58 of the Eltzholtz Family Magazine
Mary Edith Fowler Eltzholtz

March 8, 1874 - September 6, 1921

Mary Edith Fowler Eltzholtz


Dean Carl Eltzholtz

Ruth Eltzholtz Smith
July 15, 1911 - December 28, 1951

Ruth Eltzholtz Smith on honeymoon in Paradise, Montana September 9, 1931

traveling via Model T Ford.

Ruth Eltzholtz Smith, Dean Carl Eltzholtz and Edith Eltzholtz Pepper Coxat Yellowstone View Ranch (Smith Ranch), Paradise Valley, Pine Creek, Montana.

Edith and Ruth Eltzholtz with Crazy Mountains, Montana in background.

James Everett Pepper and Edith Eltzholtz with Alfred Foster Smith and Ruth Eltzholtz on September 21, 1931 on the event of Their Double Wedding Ceremony at the Fowler family home in Porcupine, Montana.

Guests at the Double Wedding Ceremony

George Ted Cox and Edith Eltzholtz Pepper at the event
of their Marriage on June 3, 1945

Alfred Foster and Ruth Smith with
Edith Eltzholtz Pepper Cox and George Ted Cox
June 3, 1945

Roberta Pepper, Doris Cox, Robert Cox, Karen Pepper, Patricia Pepper
and in front Jo Ann Pepper

Karen Marie Pepper and Merry Edith Smith
in Montana, 1944.

Merry Edith Smith and grandson Stephen Croskrey at the Fowler family home in Porcupine, Montana August, 2007.
Bill Eltzholtz (Photos courtesy of Karen Coulter and Merry Smith Horn)

Saturday, September 1, 2007

The California Branch of Eltzholtz

The California Branch of the Eltzholtz Family in the United States is descended from Carl Frederik Eltzholtz (1840 - 1929) the son of Johan Christoffer Eltzholtz (1801 - 1883) and a younger brother to Ditlev Christian Ernst Eltzholtz. The family charts for the California Branch start on page 56 of "The Eltzholtz Family in America and Denmark" magazine and continue through page 61.
The top photo is the only photo I have of Johan Christoffer and Tobia Marie Eltzholtz. The second photo is (seated) Rev. Carl Frederik Eltzholtz and Ingeborg (Belle) his wife, (standing) Mary Edith Fowler Eltzholtz and Rev. John Wesley Eltzholtz the son of Carl Frederik.
The bottom photograph, and it's one of my all time favorites regarding the Eltzholtz Family. is (l to r) is Edith, Dean Carl and Ruth Eltzholtz the children of John Wesley and Mary Edith Eltzholtz. The photo was made in 1912. Those two twin sisters and the expression of Dean Carl's face will just steal your heart.
The Califirnia Branch represents many members of the Eltzholtz Family but these are the only pictures that I have at this time. My hope is that continued interest in the Eltzholtz Web Site and the Eltzholtz.Blog will generate more photographs in the future.
Bill Eltzholtz - (Photos compliments of Richard Foster Eltzholtz Smith)