Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Photo: Max Eltzholtz at Ringe

This photo of Max Eltzholtz was taken at a greenhouse at Ditlev Eltzholtz and Company. The photo was un-dated. Some evidence suggests that Max took over Ditlev Eltzholtz and Company after Hans Christian Juel Hansen became unable to manage the business due to severe arthritis, perhaps before HCJH died in February, 1946. It is possible that Max was helping his parents before the death of HCJH and then assumed the business and changed the name to Max Eltzholtz and Company. Max then left Ringe to settle in Copenhagen prior to his death in 1955. It is not widely known just when the seed business in Ringe was finally closed or who was in charge when the business ended. Please use the COMMENTS if you can share information regarding the end of Ditlev's seed and nursery business.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Photo: Birgit Moeller and her family

Upper photo: Lucas Alexander Moeller, Birgit's grandson, enjoying some time in the pool.
Lower photo: l to r: Birgit, Lucas Alexander, and Pernille Moeller, and Hans Christian Eltzholtz.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Photo: Ditlev CE Eltzholtz - A Standing Pose

It's just a guess on my part, I think Ditlev's age is probably between 50 and 60. Ditlev was 67 years old when his picture was taken on S.S. Blucher in 1905. What are some of your thoughts? Use the comments option and let's talk about this one.

Photo: Elisa and Johan Christoffer Eltzholtz

Elisa and Johan Christoffer Eltzholtz (b. 05/05/1869) in a photo posed in Denmark at perhaps Johans age of 3 years or so. This is a guess on my part. What do you think? Leave a comment. Photo Circa 1871 - 1872.

Photo: Marie Louise Eltzholtz (circa 1952)

Marie Louise Eltzholtz in her later years. This photo was made circa 1952 on the event of her 80th birthday.

Photo: Hans Christian Juel Hansen (circa 1940 - 44)

Hans Christian Juel Hansen in his later years.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Photo: Marie Louise Eltzholtz

Marie Louise Eltzholtz was the youngest child of Ditlev Christian Ernst Eltzholtz. When Marie was married to Hans Christian Juel Hansen, Ditlev petitioned the King and the children were allowed to use just the Eltzholtz last name. The descendants of these children are living in Denmark and America.

Photo: Hans Christian Juel Hansen

Hans Christian Juel Hansen married Marie Louise Eltzholtz in 1896 and became a partner with Ditlev Christian Ernst Eltzholtz in the seed and nursery business, Ditlev Eltzholtz and Company in Ringe, Fyn, Denmark. The children of Hans Christian and Marie Louise were granted the right to use the name Eltzholtz and their descendants are living in Denmark and America.

Photo: Harald Lewis Adolf Eltzholtz in Denmark

Just a guess on my part I think Harald may have been between 12 and 16 years old in this picture. What are your thoughts? Use the comments option and let's talk about this.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Photo: Mary Madeline and Harald Ditlev Eltzholtz

Mary Madeline Eltzholtz daughter of Harald Louis Adolf Eltzholtz was the first child born to Harald and Mary Egan Eltzholtz. She is posed with her baby brother Harald Ditlev Eltzholtz. Madeline as she was known was born on January 16, 1899 and married John Joseph Sweeny on September 21, 1932. There were no children from this marriage. Harald Ditlev Eltzholtz was born May 2, 1902. Mary Frances Eltzholtz Middleton, daughter of Harald Ditlev, remembers seeing this picture while living at the family home in Montclair, New Jersey. Mary Frances said she was told that it was very common for all babies to be dressed in gowns because it was easier.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Photo: Marie Louise Eltzholtz at Age 80 Party

From left to right: Hans Urban Nielsen, Axel Eltzholtz, Arvid Juel Hansen, Inge Nielsen, Jens Urban Nielsen, Max Eltzholtz, Irma Demant Hansen Eltzholtz, Max Eltzholtz Jr., Marie Louise, Carl Johan Eltzholtz, "Bebs" Juel Hansen, Emile Kruse Eltzholtz, Tom Eltzholtz and Gudrun Eltzholtz Nielsen.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Photo: Carl Johan Eltzholtz

Carl Johan Eltzholtz (far left) in the uniform of the Royal LifeGuards in Denmark. Photo circa: 1920. The others in the photograph were not identified.

Photo: Viggo Eltzholtz at Brahetrolleborg

Viggo Eltzholtz at the steps to the Head Gardeners House at Brahetrolleborg. Viggo became the head gardener at Brahetrolleborg after his father Johan Christoffer Eltzholtz. Some evidence tends to suggest that Ditlev at Glorup and Viggo at Brahetrolleborg kept in touch and shared ideas and successes.

Photo - Ditlev Eltzholtz and Family

From left to right: Elisa, Anne Dorthea, Marie Louise, Carl Frederik Albert, Ditlev Christian Ernst, and Harald Louis Adolf in a picture I believe to be taken about Summer, 1874. My guess is based on Marie Louise looking to be about 2 years of age. Another son Johan Christoffer Eltzholtz born 05/05/1869 is missing from the picture as is Ernst Christian Ditlev Eltzholtz born 03/20/1874. Ernst Christian died 06/23/1874 having lived for only 95 days.