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Thursday, March 15, 2007

PHOTO - Harald, Ditlev and Carl (October 13, 1905)

This is the picture that Ditlev mentions in his diary that he kept during his visit to the United States to see his sons Harald Louis Adolf and Carl Frederik Albert Eltzholtz. Ditlev was 67, Harald 40 and Carl 35 years of age when this picture was made in Cedarhurst, L.I., N.Y. This photo was made available by Birgit Moeller of Copenhagen, Denmark from an album of the Eltzholtz Family.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Photo: Ditlev Eltzholtz on S.S. Blucher (1905)

This picture of Ditlev C. E. Eltzholtz was taken on board the steam ship Blucher during Ditlev's visit to the United States in 1905. The picture was contributed to the Eltzholtz Blog by Birgit Moeller of Copenhagen, Denmark. More pictures are wanted for this Eltzholtz family Blog. Any pictures you think will be of interest will be considered. All photos should either be sent to Bill Eltzholtz to be scanned or if you wish, you may scan yourself then send a file. Be sure to use JPEG format when you scan the image. Get busy and go through the attic or where ever else you keep old family pictures and items of interest.
Thanks in advance. Wm. A. (Bill) Eltzholtz

Monday, March 5, 2007

Understanding the Eltzholtz Family in America

This chart can be used as a quick reference to the Eltzholtz Families that live in the United States. For complete details that include the family branches that live in Denmark use the 12 charts that are published in the Eltzholtz Family magazine.

Ditlev Eltzholtz Residence & Business in Ringe

Ditlev Christian Ernst Eltzholtz built this home for his family, located in Ringe, Funen, in the summer of 1886 and the adjoining seed house in 1887. His seed business continued to grow, with his two sons working hard to get orders from local farmers, and in 1891 he built the second seed house at a cost of 5000 Kroner. In the new house the room in the attic was used as a cleaning room where all the cleaning machines were located. Ditlev built the small house just south of the storage buildings for his daughter Marie Louise and her husband Hans Christian Juel Hansen. In one drawing I have the small house is named Villa Alba.

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Saturday, March 3, 2007

Carl Frederik's House in Chicago

In 1905, Ditlev Eltzholtz came to American to visit his sons and his brother Carl, who lived at #688 North Campbell Avenue. In 1909, the city of Chicago renumbered all house addresses, so the corresponding address is now 1329 North Campbell Avenue.

Here is the location on the west side of Chicago:

And a closer, 3D view, with Humboldt Park in the background:

100 years later, one of Ditlev's great-great-grandsons would also live in this city and pass by the place Carl Frederik once lived.