Monday, April 8, 2013

TEST Posting April, 2013

One of the photos from my Colors of Fall, 2012 book.
Actually I'm just practicing here trying to relearn how use this Blog.

Here's another from Fall, 2012
And this is starting to come back to me.
At the Botanical Garden in
Fayetteville, Arkansas
More beauty at Fayetteville.
A view taken at Crystal Bridges Museum
of Modern American Art located in
Bentonville, Arkansas.
Alice Walton was the driving force for this museum.
Located on the Court House Square
in Bentonville, Arkansas
This 5 and dime store was where Sam and Helen Walton
started what would become Wal*Mart and become the
Largest Retailer.
Now I'm going to attempt to POST
these photos on the Blog.
Bill Eltzholtz  -  Posted April 9, 2013