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Dr. Josephine Charlotte Dorthea Eltzholtz, M.D.

Dr. Josephine Charlotte Eltzholtz, M. D.
seated at left, with hat probably at the Nilgiri Nursing & Convalescent Home.

Josephine Charlotte Dorthea Christiane Eltzholtz
was the 7th born of 9 children to Johan Christoffer Eltzholtz
and Tobia Marie (Lange) Eltzholtz in 1850.

Josephine Charlotte Dorthea Christiane Eltzholtz born 1850 went to America where she studied medicine. After that she went to India where she served as a missionary and practiced medicine as well. She died in India more than 80 years old.

(Photo and document copies compliments of Richard Foster Eltzholtz Smith)

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Anonymous said...

Below is information I have about Aunt Josephine. Richard F. E. Smith

Reportedly rec'd medical degree Univ of Chicago, practiced for a time in Oakland, CA then went to India as a medical missionary. Ltr from Dean Eltzholtz 1980. He never met her. She was badly crippled with rheumatoid arthritis in later years.

J. Eltzholtz immigrated on ship “Geiser,” registered 7-21-1882 to NYC. Listed as from Brahetrolleborg, “Stilling Frue, Alder 32, ID#D8283E0207” This may not Josephine.

Josephine C. Eltzholtz (12/31/29a) (M):{5} Homeopathy; {8} IL; [11] Chicago Homeopathic Medical College, 1880, (G). Chicago Homeopathic Medical College 1876-1905 (In 1908 all homeopathic colleges in Chicago were merged into the Hering Homeopathic Medical College. Kent was president until 1911. “In that year the government closed the Hering College and many others on the grounds that they were not up to medical standard.”

Conoor: Town and sanitarium in Nilgiri District, Madras, 6000 ft. above sea level. Cool climate, pretty locale, 63 inches of rain a year. From Imperial Gazeteer of India Vol X 1908, Society of Genealogists, London.
RFES has card dtd. 1909 from The Nilgiri Nursing & Convalescent Home which was opened 16 Feb 1908. Lady was Miss J. Eltzholtz, MD, resident medical officer. "The House is beautifully situated, high, cnetral and quiet, close to English Church, Post and Telegraph Office. Concessions to Missionaries."
“Dode som laegemissionaer i Indien over 80 ar gammel.”
Christening witnesses: Froken Wohlsberg paa Brahetrolleborg, Garver Ludvig Ditmann paa Garveriet, Drylaege Schiotte paa Bildhuggerhuus og Mollebestyrer N. Svendsen af Trolleborg Molle.

Death occurred before March 1940 and after 1937. Dean Eltzholtz says she is the last Eltzholtz in her generation.