Monday, September 17, 2007

Alfred Foster Smith Family

Alfred Foster and Ruth Eltzholtz Smith with their children
Richard Foster Eltzholtz, Stephen Bruce, Merry Edith and Carol Anne
(Photo circa: 1943 - 1944)
Richard Foster Eltzholtz Smith (02/07/1934) and Carol Anne Smith Kenyon (01/14/1935)
(Photo circa: 1943 - 1944)

Stephen Bruce Smith (02/22/1940) and Merry Edith Smith Horn (12/12/1937)
(Photo circa: 1943 - 1944)
Stephen Bruce Smith, Merry Edith Smith Horn, Richard Foster Eltzholtz Smith,
and Carol Anne Smith Kenyon.
(Photo circa: November, 2005)


Anonymous said...

Love the picture of the Alfred Foster Smith Family. What handsome and beautiful cousins we have.

Jules said...

Ruth Eltzholtz Smith is my husband's grandmother! Carol is his mother; I stumbled across this site while helping our daughter find family history. We would love to have a copy of the booklet that was mentioned in one of these posts!
Thank you for putting these pictures up there. I showed my husband - Gordon Kenyon - and we both enjoyed seeing relatives near and far.
--Julie Kenyon