Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Holmens Kirke in Copenhagen

Dear Bill.

The other day I had the opportunity to enter the tower of Christiansborg, the seat of The Danish Government. The tower is under renovation and a man of my acquaintances had the work to renovate the 8 telescopic flagpoles up there, he asked me if I could help him. From the tower there is a great view over Copenhagen. The photo is of Holmens Kirke where the first Eltzholtz born In Denmark was baptized the 16. February 1761. The black building behind is The National Bank, the building to the right, with the green roof, is The Royal Exchange. The photo named Laxegade shows the street where Peder Johan had his business; it is the second street to the left of the church. Thankyou for all the crazy mails I have received during the last month, occasionally it is healthy to have a good laughter.

Best regards,

Carl-Henrik Eltzholtz

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