Monday, August 20, 2007

Medals and Ribbons awarded to Ditlev Eltzholtz

Birgit Moeller translated the text to English as follows:

Forskellige Udmaekelser = Honour or distinction.
Som er tikendt Forretningen = which is awarded the business.
Den indre Krans er Soelvmedaljer = The centre wreath are Silver medals.
Den ydre er Broncemedaljer = The outer are Bronze medals.
Guidmedaille Neapel = Gold Medal, Napels (Italian town)

During the 29 years from 1875 to 1904 Ditlev Eltzholtz and Company was awarded 34 medals including 2 Gold Medals, 13 Silver Medals and 19 Bronze Medals during competitions in Faaborg, Denmark; Malmo, Sweden; Naples, Italy; St. Petersborg, Russia; Kobehavn, Denmark and Odense, Denmark.

No documents that I am aware of indicate how often these competitions were offered or how many Ditlev entered or in what categories his entries were made. Ditlev was awarded 5 medals in 1880 at competition in Copenhagen and 5 medals in 1884 also at Copenhagen. 4 medals were awarded at Odense in 1881 and 3 medals each at St. Petersborg in 1899, Malmo in 1900, Odense in 1900 and Copenhagen in 1884. 2 medals were awarded at Odense in both 1885 and 1904 and 1 medal was awarded in 1891 at Faaborg, Denmark.

Bill Eltzholtz

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