Monday, August 20, 2007

Back Cover of Catalog published in 1905

The back cover of Ditlev's catalog is also very well done and seems to convey cleanliness, quality and service to the customer. The upper views show a well stocked warehouse area and a tool demonstration space while the lover views show a retail sales area and the company offices. In the center at the far left is the family home where the business started, then the two seed houses that were built to handle the growth of the business. The cutaway of the newest seedhouse shows three levels of activity. Other pictures indicate the customer will receive products via wagon, rail or ship. The frontispiece (area over the family home with 2 verticle windows) was the area where Ditlev spent his final days after willing his business and worldly assets to Marie Louise and Hans Christian in return for Ditlev's care throughout the remainder of his life.

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