Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Photo: Max Eltzholtz at Ringe

This photo of Max Eltzholtz was taken at a greenhouse at Ditlev Eltzholtz and Company. The photo was un-dated. Some evidence suggests that Max took over Ditlev Eltzholtz and Company after Hans Christian Juel Hansen became unable to manage the business due to severe arthritis, perhaps before HCJH died in February, 1946. It is possible that Max was helping his parents before the death of HCJH and then assumed the business and changed the name to Max Eltzholtz and Company. Max then left Ringe to settle in Copenhagen prior to his death in 1955. It is not widely known just when the seed business in Ringe was finally closed or who was in charge when the business ended. Please use the COMMENTS if you can share information regarding the end of Ditlev's seed and nursery business.


Anonymous said...

That Max Eltzholtz was a very handsome fellow

Unknown said...

My name is Max Eltzholtz, son to Max Leo Eltzholtz. I took the picture of my father with a simple box camera in 1948, and developed the film myself at that time. My mother kept the original picture until her death.
The picture is now in the posession of my son Michael Leo Eltzholtz.
Contact me: for further informations.