Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Photo: Mary Madeline and Harald Ditlev Eltzholtz

Mary Madeline Eltzholtz daughter of Harald Louis Adolf Eltzholtz was the first child born to Harald and Mary Egan Eltzholtz. She is posed with her baby brother Harald Ditlev Eltzholtz. Madeline as she was known was born on January 16, 1899 and married John Joseph Sweeny on September 21, 1932. There were no children from this marriage. Harald Ditlev Eltzholtz was born May 2, 1902. Mary Frances Eltzholtz Middleton, daughter of Harald Ditlev, remembers seeing this picture while living at the family home in Montclair, New Jersey. Mary Frances said she was told that it was very common for all babies to be dressed in gowns because it was easier.

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