Monday, September 17, 2007

Alfred Foster Smith Family

Alfred Foster and Ruth Eltzholtz Smith with their children
Richard Foster Eltzholtz, Stephen Bruce, Merry Edith and Carol Anne
(Photo circa: 1943 - 1944)
Richard Foster Eltzholtz Smith (02/07/1934) and Carol Anne Smith Kenyon (01/14/1935)
(Photo circa: 1943 - 1944)

Stephen Bruce Smith (02/22/1940) and Merry Edith Smith Horn (12/12/1937)
(Photo circa: 1943 - 1944)
Stephen Bruce Smith, Merry Edith Smith Horn, Richard Foster Eltzholtz Smith,
and Carol Anne Smith Kenyon.
(Photo circa: November, 2005)

2 comments: said...

Love the picture of the Alfred Foster Smith Family. What handsome and beautiful cousins we have.

Jules said...

Ruth Eltzholtz Smith is my husband's grandmother! Carol is his mother; I stumbled across this site while helping our daughter find family history. We would love to have a copy of the booklet that was mentioned in one of these posts!
Thank you for putting these pictures up there. I showed my husband - Gordon Kenyon - and we both enjoyed seeing relatives near and far.
--Julie Kenyon