Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Edward Eltzholtz (1914)

Edward Eltzholtz was the twin of Elisabeth Mary Eltzholtz and they were born on March 24, 1914. Edward married Gertrude Temple and there is no record of any children born to this couple.

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Betty Cowen Gantert said...

Edward Eltzholtz was nik named BOBO by his twin sister Elizabeth Mary Eltzholtz (my mother). He in return named her DEDE and so it was for the rest of their lives!
They were born in Pinebrook, New Jersey on MARCH 24,1914.
It should be noted that Edward served in the US Army during WWII as a medic and was on Normandy Beach,France on D-DAY, The Normandy Invasion and participating in the liberation of Europe. He was a great guy!