Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Photo: Ditlev Eltzholtz on S.S. Blucher (1905)

This picture of Ditlev C. E. Eltzholtz was taken on board the steam ship Blucher during Ditlev's visit to the United States in 1905. The picture was contributed to the Eltzholtz Blog by Birgit Moeller of Copenhagen, Denmark. More pictures are wanted for this Eltzholtz family Blog. Any pictures you think will be of interest will be considered. All photos should either be sent to Bill Eltzholtz to be scanned or if you wish, you may scan yourself then send a file. Be sure to use JPEG format when you scan the image. Get busy and go through the attic or where ever else you keep old family pictures and items of interest.
Thanks in advance. Wm. A. (Bill) Eltzholtz


Anonymous said...

Is that his diary he's got over the bag?


Bill (DollarBill) Eltzholtz said...

Yes I think the diary is in his left hand in the photo. The copy I have shows the picture attached to a small book that would be similiar in size to the object in the photo.